As of June 2015, PCI is now Kitchen Table Democracy. 

Kitchen Table Democracy

Even with our new name, we’ll be doing some of the same things—supporting leaders in convening collaborative processes, experimenting with new forms of collaboration, supporting networks of collaborative leaders and universities. But we’ll be doing some new things, too.  We’ll be supporting the work of the National Policy Consensus Center, which has developed a program called Oregon’s Kitchen Table. Oregon’s Kitchen Table is an online tool that allows community members to give input to elected officials, participate in civic crowdfunding, and get involved in building prosperity through Oregonian to Oregonian micro-lending. The online activities can be combined with old-fashioned face-to-face conversation and community organizing of all kinds. The Kitchen Table model has had such a great response in Oregon, we’re ready to start rolling it out in other jurisdictions.

Kitchen Table Democracy (the new PCI) needs your help! First, we need your financial support. Please contribute below to help us expand our work to other states and share what we are up to:

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