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Produced collaboratively by PCI and the National Policy Consensus Center (NPCC), our bi-monthly newsletter features information and updates on state collaborative governance programs and initiatives. Please send your ideas for articles and improvements, or call PCI at 503-725-9079.

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2012 Issues

Spring 2012

  • Editors' Note
  • Oregon's Kitchen Table: A Civic Engagement Experiment
  • UNCG 2012: Embedding Collaborative Governance in Universities, Communities and Goverment

2011 Issues

Spring / Summer 2011

  • Editor's Note: Accelerating Project Delivery through Intergovernmental Collaboration
  • PCI and UNCG Guide to Collaborative Competencies
  • Oregon Governor Launches Regional Solutions Centers
  • University Network for Collaborative Governance 2011 Conference
  • New Publications from Partners

2010 Issues

Fall / Winter 2010

  • Editor’s Note: HUD Prioritizes Regional Collaboration
  • New Awards and Funding for Solutions projects in Colorado and Salt Lake City
  • Our Budget, Our Economy National Town Hall Meeting
  • New Reports: Connecting Communities and Regional Innovation Initiative
  • Revived Administrative Conference of the United States
  • NPCC Holds Regional Transportation and Land Use Decision Making Forum

Spring 2010

  • Editor's Note: Collaborative Leadership
  • PCI's Ruckelshaus Award for Collaborative Leadership
  • Colorado Governor Designates Main Streets Initiative
  • MN State Legislature Approves Creation of Collaborative Governance Council
  • PCI Video Series: Two New Videos on Mayors as Conveners
  • WA State Representative Jim Jacks Joins PCI Board
  • Collaborative Systems Initiatives Program Manager Joins NPCC

2009 Issues

December 2009

  • PCI and US Institute Launch Regional Environmental Forums Initiative
  • University Network for Collaborative Governance Annual Meeting
  • Delaware and Minnesota's Health Systems Perform Well Due to Collaboration
  • White House Open Government Directive
  • PCI Video Series: "A Model for Civic Engagement"
  • Climate Case Studies

September 2009

  • Editor's Note: Finding Ways for Leaders to Engage Meaningfully
  • Community Focus Resource Teams: A Model for Civic Engagement
  • Case Study: Florida Building Commission Reaches Consensus on Energy Efficiency
  • University of Virginia's University and Community Racial Reconciliation Project
  • PCI Video Series: Legislators as Conveners - "Learning to Convene in San Antonio"

June 2009

  • Report from US Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution's Technology in ECR Meeting
  • White House Open Government Initiative Moves to Phase III
  • Interagency Partnership for Sustainability
  • PCI Board member named to US Dept of Education
  • PCI Video Series: Tillamook Flood Reduction Project
  • Join UNCG / PCI on the Web

April 2009

  • Blogging in The Field
  • FCRC Consensus Center Reports on Community Engagement and Florida's State University System
  • PCI Video Series: Legislators Building Consensus from Arkansas and Video highlighting Solutions System from US Dept of Ed
  • Update: California Solutions' Day Workers Project Implements Declaration of Cooperation Agreements

February 2009

  • President Issues Memo Calling for Transparent and Open Government

  • Colorado State Senator Peter Groff Joins PCI Board
  • Board Member Jim Clinton Named CEO of Louisiana Economic Development Organization
  • PCI Video Series: Conversations on Collaborative Governance
  • News for the University Network

2008 Issues

December 2008

  • Delaware Governor Honored for Cancer Collaborative Work
  • Highlights from the University Network Meeting
  • Climate Change and Collaborative Governance
  • New Publication on Public Management

September 2008

  • Editor's Note: Bridging the Partisan Divide
  • PCI Board Honors Bill Ruckelshaus with Award for Collaborative Leadership
  • Video Series: The Great Lakes Compact
  • University Network Meeting Registration Open
  • Teaching Tool: The Practical Guide to Collaborative Governance

June/July 2008

  • Case Study: Delaware Cancer Collaborative
  • Communities Use Collaborative Processes in Disaster Recovery
  • Hinckley Journal and Video Highlight PCI and Salt Lake Solutions
  • News from the University Network: Fall Meeting

May 2008

  • New Trainer's Manual: Getting the Most from a Collaborative Process
  • University Leaders on the University's Role in Assisting Leaders Engage Citizens
  • Great Lakes Compact Update: 5 State Legislatures Sign On
  • Report from Local Officials and Deliberative Democracy Practitioners First Learning Exchange

April 2008

  • Editor's Note: Returning to The Kitchen Table
  • University Network for Collaborative Governance Launched
  • New Video from the Center for Public Policy Dispute Resolution and PCI
  • Climate and Clean Energy Program Manager Joins PCI

February 2008

  • Editor's Note: Tools For Creating Change
  • PCI Publishes A Practical Guide to Collaborative Governance
  • Salt Lake City Solutions Launched
  • PCI Video Series
  • Inaugural Meeting of University Network for Collaborative Governance

January 2008

  • PCI Remembers John Parr

  • New Toolkit for Legislators as Conveners Available
  • University Network for Collaborative Governance To Hold Initial Meeting
  • NPCC Hosts Symposium on Homeland Security and Emergency Management Collaboration

2007 Issues

December 2007

  • PCI Board Member Ralph Becker Elected Mayor of Salt Lake City

  • Bill Ruckelshaus Addresses Council of State University and Land Grant College Presidents on Universities and Collaborative Problem Solving

  • University Profile:  Syracuse University’s Program on the Analysis and Resolution of Conflicts

  • New Report on Using Collaborative Processes to Resolve Land Use Disputes

October 2007

  • University Profile: University of New Mexico’s Consortium for Collaborative Public Policy
  • Park City Center for Public Policy Holds Inaugural Institute
  • Dan Kemmis on Democratic Action
  • PCI Case Studies Updated

September 2007

  • PCI Reflects And Looks Forward on 10th Anniversary
  • University Profile: Indiana University Center Staffs Commission on Local Government Reform
  • NPCC Issues New Report on Integrating Public Deliberation with Stakeholder Processes
  • PCI Hosts Training on Public Solutions Model

July 2007

  • PCI Adds Third Video to Series on Legislators as Conveners
  • State Legislatures Fund Collaborative Programs in Oregon and Washington
  • University Center Profile:  University of Hawaii at Manoa's Public Policy Center
  • Call for News about University Centers and Programs

June 2007

  • Mike McCabe’s 5 Suggestions for working with Elected Leaders
  • PCI Video: Bill Ruckelshaus on the Role of Universities in Addressing Public Issues
  • PCI Hosts East and West Coast Workshops for University Centers
  • PCI Executive Director Steps Down
  • Case Study: Washington Adopts Collaborative Governance Structure for Salmon Recovery

May 2007

  • Maryland Holds First Fellows Program Training for State Leaders
  • Cleveland State University Convenes Community Forums
  • California Solutions Completes Pilot Project
  • NPCC Issues "Environmental Enforcement Solutions" Report

April 2007

  • Oregon Solutions Named Among Top Innovative Government Programs
  • Last Chance to Register for PCI's June Workshop for University Programs in West Palm Beach, FL
  • Oregon State Senator Betsy Johnson Appears in PCI's Second On-line Video
  • John Stephens Reviews Matt Leighninger's new book The Next Form of Democracy
  • NPCC Fellow Lang Marsh appointed to USEPA’s National Environmental Justice Advisory Council

March 2007

  • New Center for Public Deliberation at Colorado State University
  • Case Study: Arkansas’s Low Income Energy Forum Delivers Affordable, Efficient Energy
  • The Leadership Challenge: Reaching Consensus in the Legislature
  • Register for PCI’s workshops for university centers in April and June

February 2007

  • See Video of Legislator Chris Rector Describing How to Convene
  • PCI Hosts Workshops for University Centers
  • Practical Guide to Consensus
  • Three New Guides for Leaders

January 2007

  • 2007 Minnesota Legislature Strives to Work More Effectively
  • Moe’s Advice to Legislators: Ask People What They Think
  • PCI On-Line Forum: Join a Discussion on How to Incorporate Training in Collaborative Processes
  • PCI to Hold Conferences for University Centers in April and June

2006 Issues

November/December 2006

  • Arizona Leads the Way on Collaboration to Reduce Wildfire
  • Changes at Florida Consortium Reflect Changes in the Field
  • Case Study: How Maryland’s Program Helps Government Deal with Disputes
  • Maxwell School Conference Highlights Collaborative Public Managemen

Fall 2006

  • Washington Universities Establish Ruckelshaus Center
  • Women Legislators Gain New Insights About Collaboration
  • Case Study: Interstate Dispute Over Bridge Resolved
  • PCI Launches Online Forum

August 2006

  • Editorial: Is the Word “Collaboration” Losing It’s Meaning?
  • Needed: Infrastructure for Transportation Collaboration
  • Sacramento States Grants Certificate in Collaborative Governance
  • New Report: ‘A Manager’s Guide to Choosing and Using Collaborative Networks’
  • Guides Available from US Federal Interagency ADR Working Group

July 2006

  • Mediation Background Aids Governor’s Advisor
  • Institute Created to Give Transportation Leaders Training
  • Profile: Daniel Kemmis
  • Call for Articles

June 2006

  • Governor Minner and Senator Gard Join PCI Board
  • Utah Uses ADR for Eminent Domain Issues
  • PCI Videos Now on DVD
  • National Conference on Dialogue and Deliberation

May 2006

  • New Mexico Proposes New Office of Dispute Resolution and Prevention
  • NPCC and EPA Host Meeting on Using Penalties to Foster Collaborative Projects
  • Case Study: Federal-State Interagency Team Works to Integrate Plans and Projects
  • New Publication on Transportation Features Collaborative Governance
  • Last Call to Register for PCI’s June Workshop

April 2006

  • Changes in the Field: An Editors Note
  • Denver Mayor Convenes Partnership Denver: Neighbors Building Solutions
  • University of Arkansas Little Rock Creates Public Conflict Solutions Center
  • Legislators at a Crossroads: PCI’s Newest Pub

March 2006

  • Shared Strategy Provides Leadership for Salmon Restoration in Puget Sound
  • New GAO report Cites Practices that Can Help Federal Agencies Collaborate
  • North Carolina hosts Symposium on Environmental Conflict Resolution
  • PCI Workshop in June for State and University Based Programs

February 2006

  • Editors Note
  • PCI meets with Civic Leaders in New Orleans
  • Collaboration Accelerates Cal ifornia ’s Emergency Preparedness
  • Lessons from Florida: How Hurricane Andrew Led to Building Code Reforms
  • Practical Guide to Consensus: A Tool for Agencies and Other Sponsors

January 2006

  • PCI Looks Into The Future
  • Utah Legislator Featured in Salt Lake Tribune for Bipartisan Work
  • Virginia Solutions Completes Two Pilots
  • Case Study: Oklahoma Legislators Convene Process to Deal With Big Birds

2005 Issues

December 2005

  • Unprecedented Regional Collaboration Leads to Great Lakes Strategy
  • NCSL – PCI Workshop for Legislators on “Beyond Bickering”
  • Public Solutions Presented at Council of State Governments 2005 Annual Forum
  • CSG State News features article on Convening

November 2005

  • PCI / NPCC Launch the Public Solutions System on Line
  • Maryland Posters Available to Promote the Value of Mediation
  • PCI / NPCC Board Member Heads Ohio Department of Aging
  • Training Manual on Getting the Most Out of Collaboration for Public Officials

September 2005

  • White House Conference Highlights "Collaborative Conservation"
  • Updates on What's Happening in State Programs
  • PCI and NPCC Launching Public Solutions System

Summer 2005

  • Oregon and Massachusetts-Public Policy Dispute Resolution Programs Get New Support
  • Arkansas Women’s Legislative Caucus Holds Collaborative Skill-Building Workshop
  • PCI Announces September Meeting for State Programs
  • November Conference to Focus on Community-based Environmental Collaboration

June 2005

  • Report Describes Increasing Role of Universities as Consensus Building Centers
  • State, Federal Agencies Attend PCI Workshop on ‘Getting the Most from Collaboration’
  • Maine Working Group Sponsors Forum to Advance Use of Community Collaboration

May 2005

  • Task Force to Work Collaboratively on Future of Higher Education in Maine
  • New Mexico Forest Plan Calls for Interagency Cooperation
  • Virginia Solutions Launches Two Pilot Projects

April 2005

  • Florida Legislator Convenes Collaborative Planning Process on Treasure Coast
  • Case Study: Collaborative Community Planning in Orange County, NY
  • PCI Hosts Panel on University-Based Consensus Programs

March 2005

  • EPA’s First Administrator Discusses 7 Lessons for Successful Collaboration
  • Southern Growth Think Tank Adopts Consensus Approach for Region’s Leaders
  • Utah Sponsors State Agency Training, Hires Full-time Coordinator

February 2005

  • New NPCC Report Promotes Collaborative Approaches to Health Care
  • Minnesota Legislators Attend Consensus Building Workshop
  • Montana Consensus Council Assists State in Medicaid Redesign

January 2005

  • "Gridlock Impossible at Kitchen Table" Chrisitan Science Monitor Op-Ed by PCI/NPCC Co-Chairs Jim Geringer and John Kitzhaber

2004 Issues

December 2004

  • Indiana AG expands Advisory Services to include DR
  • Kansas Water Office initiates DR training for state agencies
  • Check your listing in the State DR Programs Directory!

November 2004

  • Public Deliberation in Legislative Decision-making Focus of NCDD Session
  • PCI publishes On-Line Tool for Drafting, Reviewing DR Legislation
  • PCI/NPCC Board Members Elected to Legislative Leadership Positions
  • ABA’s Court ADR Conference Scheduled for April 2005

October 2004

  • ADR in Virginia Gaining Momentum
  • Texas Trains State and Local Leaders as Public Policy Fellows
  • California Study Examines Merits of Collaborative Watershed Management

September 2004

  • States Report Increases in Programs and Projects
  • Oregon Solutions Awarded Two-Year Grant
  • "Governing Tools" Describes How States Are Using Consensus Building

August 2004

  • Kansas legislative leader champions intergovernmental cooperation and consensus building
  • Case Study: Vermont agency works with EPA to address stormwater management
  • How leaders can convene consensus processes

July 2004

  • Agencies Build Agreements at Governor's Kitchen Table (By Jim Geringer)
  • Two Leading State Public Policy DR Programs Relocate to Universities
  • PCI Case Studies Updated
  • MACRO Study: Maryland Businesses Turning to DR

June 2004

  • Seizing the Moment: How Leaders Lead by Convening Others
  • Universities Participate in PCI Workshop
  • CASE STUDY: Wisconsin DNR Facilitates Habitat Protection Plan

May 2004

  • Ohio State Rep. Merle Kearns Wins Consensus Building Award
  • "605" Process Designed to Build Consensus on Environmental Legislation
  • CASE STUDY: Republican River Negotiations Result in Mediated Settlement
  • American Planning Association Features Enlibra Panel

April 2004

  • Washington State Establishes New Dispute Resolution Resource Center
  • PCI Hosts Spring Workshop:"New Strategies for Changing Times"
  • CASE STUDY: Regional Conflict in Utah Leads Legislature to Consensus Process
  • Governing Tools for the 21st Century

March 2004

  • WANTED: Legislators Seeking Ways to Build Consensus and Connect with Citizens
  • PCI, NPCC Present Workshop for State Public Policy Programs
  • Need for Collaboration on Tough Issues Identified in Northeastern States
  • CASE STUDY: New Mexico Department Mediates Professional Licensing Disputes
  • PCI / NPCC Update State Directories

February 2004

  • PCI/NPCC Board Elects Two Former Governors as Co-Chairs
  • CASE STUDY: Ohio Commission Assists Local Governments to Resolve Disputes
  • Federal Agencies Building Capacity for Partnerships & Collaborative Action
  • Correction: New York AG Eliot Spitzer Still on the Job!
  • Getting the Most Out of Consensus Processes

January 2004

  • Strategies for State Programs: Focus on Policy Issues
  • Alabama AG Initiates Mandatory Early Case Assessment for ADR
  • Seeking Model Programs
  • Changing Faces at the Montana Consensus Council
  • An ADR Approach to School Financing Disputes

2003 Issues

December 2003

  • Enlibra Toolkit Now Available
  • MACRO Establishes Partnership With Scotland
  • CASE STUDY: Collaboration Results in Sustainable Dredge Material Projects
  • The State of State Environmental Agency Mediation
  • PCI Assistance Available for State Program Innovation

November 2003

  • Innovative Florida Law Provided for Environmental Mediation
  • What’s Next for State DR Programs?
  • Transportation Collaboration Case Studies Available
  • PCI Video Features Successful Collaborative Processes

October 2003

  • NPCC "Transportation Solutions" Report Available
  • State Programs Updates
  • Creating Partners in Problem Solving at the Community Level
  • State Programs To Meet in Orlando
  • What's New in Your State?

September 2003

  • PCI Moves to Portland
  • NPCC Fellows Available to State Programs
  • State DR Programs Battle for Funding
  • Practical Guide to Consensus
  • State Programs Meet in Orlando

February 2003 - 223KB

  • Utah Executive Order Bolsters Low-Cost State ADR Initiative
  • New Models of Shared Governance (By John Kitzhaber)
  • NPCC Publishes Report on Watershed Collaboratives
  • Texas Commission Directs Agencies to Develop DR Policies
  • Forum on Consensus Councils
  • State Environmental DR Directory
  • Wyoming Legislature Uses Facilitation to Develop Education Data Policy
  • “Building Trust” Publication Helps Environmental Stakeholders Talk Effectively
  • Public Policy Case Database Launched
  • Tips for Surviving the Budget Crisis
  • Show Us the Cost Savings!
  • NPCC Focusing on Key Issues

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