Toolkit for Leaders as Convenors

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This PCI-published toolkit guides state and local leaders on how to convene collaborative processes. Increasingly public leaders are being called on to bring together all sectors – public, private, and civic - to develop effective, lasting solutions to public problems that go beyond what any sector could achieve on its own.

The Toolkit for Leaders is a brief and highly readable guide for leaders interested in learning more aboutToolkit for Leaders as Convenors convening with instructions about:

      • What happens in a collaborative process
      • What a convener does
      • The steps to follow in convening
      • How leaders can frame issues to get people working together
      • The keys to being an effective convener

The toolkit features a DVD with five minute interviews that illustrate how three leaders (Salt Lake City Mayor / former Representative Ralph Becker of Utah; Oregon Senator Betsy Johnson; and Maine Representative Chris Rector) convened groups to address issues of education and economic development, land use, and transportation.

State-Local Negotiations to Improve
Human Service Systems in Maryland

Order NowView Video Clip State-Local Negotiations to Improve Human Service Systems in Maryland

In 1996, a Governor's Task Force for Children, Youth and Families Systems Reform initiated state-county negotiations in Maryland to reform human services. The goal of the Task Force was to eliminate duplicate services, establish measurable results, and transfer decision-making authority to county-level Local Management Boards that would allow more flexibility to meet local needs. The Maryland Partnership for Children, Youth and Families began working toward achieving these outcomes. This broad-based Partnership devised a system that is more responsive to local needs, while also maintaining accountability for quality services.

This video describes the key steps in the Partnership's county-by-county negotiations. It illustrates how different levels of government can work together on tough issues-and negotiate agreements on how to address them.

The 17-minute video features interviews with key stakeholders in the process:

  • The Lieutenant Governor
  • The Cabinet Secretary of Children, Youth and Families
  • Members of the State of Maryland negotiating team
  • Members of the Wicomico County negotiating team
  • The facilitator for the negotiations
  • The consultant who helped the state develop the process

Following successes in the pilot counties, others have begun to follow suit and are entering the negotiation process to reform their systems. And because of the strong working relationships that developed during the process, some of the initial counties are preparing to begin a second round of negotiations.

Building Consensus: Transportation Rulemaking In Oregon

Order Now View Video ClipBuilding Consensus: Transportation Rulemaking in Oregon

This PCI-produced video is an invaluable guide to the principles of consensus building, featuring an in-depth look at how one state resolved a complex public issue around transportation and development interests. Representatives of each key stakeholder in the Oregon process, including Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber, environmental groups, developers, and state transportation officials, are featured in the film.

The video is designed to be used in conjunction with The Trainer's Manual, Getting the Most out of Consensus Processes, and accompanying the Practical Guide to Consensus. A study guide accompanies the video, offering trainers or workshop leaders suggestions for discussion points and questions to consider.